Welcome to the website of Maurice Rugebregt, guitarist, composer, arranger and teacher in jazz and Brazilian music.

To date, I have produced 3 solo
cd′s: Sioh Maluku, NEXT and Two′s Blues.
My first solo cd was Sioh Maluku (2003). It includes updated arrangements of Moluccan traditional songs, featuring Bert van den Brink on hammond organ and Frans Blanker on alto saxophone.

The second solo cd was NEXT (2014). It includes original compositions featuring drummer Mark Stoop and vocalist Lilian Vieira. In order to facilitate the purchase of the NEXT cd, kindly send an email to info@mauricerugebregt.com so that I may forward my banking information.
The cost is € 10 + € 2 postage.

Reviews on NEXT:

′I was immediately struck by the sound and the use of his note choices′
Co de Kloet, Radio 6

′Brilliant cd, the best performance′
NTR Magazine

′Easy to chill with the guitar as the main instrument, perfectly executed, great musicians′
Music Maker

′NEXT is an entertaining album that will speak to all musicians other than just guitarists′

′Effortless and polished. The leader of the band provided the necessary depth with his own compositions. Beautiful cd.′

My third solo cd was Two′s Blues (2016) accompanied by Jasper Somsen (bass) and Oene van Geel (viola). A tribute to the great jazz guitarist Jim Hall.

Following are just a few of the musicians with whom I have either shared the stage with or have collaborated on cd′s: Mirjam Verheem, Arturo Ramon, Zuco 103, Denise Jannah, Laura Fygi, Deborah J. Carter, Josee Koning, Julya Lo′ko, Eva Kieboom, Anne Chris, Harvey Mason, Tony Monaco, Zapp String Quartet, Benjamin Herman and many others.